Cast of Characters

  • DH/SM
    Dear Husband/Solution Man - ever ready to offer a solution to the current dilemma, conundrum or quandry. One heck of a smart guy who is right 99% of the time. Newspaper, blackberry and Drudge junkie. Rather old fashioned about things, in a positive sense. Love of my life. Makes me laugh every day. Now a member of the sacred fraternity of fathers who have lost a child. A rock. And the Jasper visionary. So handsome.
  • CJS
    The eldest, ring-leader of The Gang, age 16. Occasionally longsuffering and mostly even-tempered. A very fine fellow. Sleeps with his long frame hanging off the end of his twin bed. Lego enthusiast. No, Lego fanatic. Like Fan Boy Fanatic. When he's not fighting with his middle sister.
  • HSS
    Princess #1/Bunny Ballerina - our oldest girl, 14 years old, the little mother of The Gang, incredibly precious dancing girl. The first of our progeny to inherit what DH calls my "Bottle Nosed Dolphin forehead." Also, a mini-me.
  • AMS - Reepicheep
    Princess #2, 12 1/2. A tightly wound Titanium Spring. bounces and bounds everywhere. Full of energy and passionate about most everything; occasionally angry. We call her Reepicheep, after the mighty mouse of Narnia. The best prayer warrior I've ever heard. She really gets it. When she's not fighting with her brother.
  • LCS
    Princess #3 - age 11. Gives the world's best hugs. A very earnest soul, sorrows at injustices (esp. towards her) and arts/crafts and Lego enthusiast. A very clever kitten.
  • DDS
    Princess #4 - 9 1/2. Petite sprite who likes to be where the action is. A strong carrier of my Bottle Nosed Dolphin forehead. Chatty Cathy.
  • ATP
    The Answer to My Prayer - my precious mother's helper, babysitter and friend, who came to us at the tender age of 8 when I was knee deep in diapers and toddlers and was exactly what God knew I needed - when I was sure I needed a maid or a nanny, He sent this wonderful soul who is a part of our family and loves to play with my loud, rowdy kids and works all around the house with a servant's heart. She won't take any payment, aside from the occasional Target run and Swedish Fish. Speaks "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" with me. Everybody needs one of these. But you can't have mine!
  • YT/WIP
    Yours truly, a work in progress in the hands of our great God who clearly has a sense of humor and lots for me to learn in this holy vocation (i.e. being me). Most recently, I have joined the sacred sorority of mothers who have lost a child. Which is why I started blogging again after a year hiatus. So much to share.
  • Kitty cat
    When we got the dog at the shelter they told us under no circumstances should we try and keep any small critters or cats as pets. So we got a cat this Christmas. Going out, I felt, on a bit of a theological limb, I told the kids to pray that Buster would not eat her when we brought her home and, further, that they might even learn to live together in peace and harmony. Aside from her trying to chase his tail and eat his food, they do so. Now I can see what it will be like one day when the lion lies down with the lamb. P.S. She's really cute, too!
  • Bob-o
    A breathtakingly beautiful baby boy. Our 6th full term child, a crazy idea hatched last Christmas. Robert Bowling Stephens, born still and silent on Friday, October 7, 2011 at 11:46 p.m. in Labor/Delivery Room 12 of Arlington Hospital - 3 days from his due date. Full term and perfectly healthy otherwise, weighing in at 8 lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches. Turns out the cord that had been his lifeline was actually too long and became entangled around his right leg some 5 times. It seems clear that when he made his move to come to us, the cord was constricted causing his little heart to stop beating and he went to the arms of Jesus the day before I delivered him, joining his two miscarried siblings, who I also can't wait to meet. We planned for him. Desperately wanted him. His siblings talked to him everyday and took rapturous delight in rubbing my big baby belly and exclaiming "look at your Bob-o!" He changed my life. Our lives. Forever. And I miss him so.
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December 10, 2008


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